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    All Teco equipment now available in any RAL colour of choice
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    Possibly the safest and most useful axle stand currently available on the market. See why we went to the trouble of developing this stand and the benefits behind the product.
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Welcome to E-Quipfix

Welcome to E-Quipfix, principal providers of tyre related equipment and services to the tyre industry and general vehicle workshops. We sell and service and repair most leading European capitol equipment such as tyre changers, wheel balancers, laser alignment systems, air compressors and many other forms of equipment and tools.

Here you will find services to suit the smallest of tyre fitting businesses all the way up to national sized tyre fitting providers. Selling and supporting entry level and advanced tyre changers and wheel balancers to suit all garages and mobile tyre fitting businesses, and can cater for all levels of equipment requirements from single purchases to complete tyre shop start up packages.

E-Quipfix provides a range of services geared around tyre trade, supporting equipment from most of the major European brand machines. We are the main Teco agents for the south of England, and hold a large range of spare parts for the Teco tyre changers and wheel balancers in our warehouse. We also supply a range of other garage equipment such as air compressors, air tools, jacking equipment and hand tools all supplied by companies that manufacture their own goods. This again is a important factor for us as it allows us to provide extensive backup support in the line of replaceable parts and warranty services, thus ensuring the "Quality of Service" we strive to provide our customers.

E-quipfix is a company that has been built up on a "old school" ethos where the concerns and expectations of the customers are paramount to the service provided, and are very quickly becoming a driving force behind the ideology of bringing back quality services to the tyre trade.

Over the last decade many companies within the tyre trade have ignored their customers long term needs by focusing their efforts on equipment sales over quality of service. Often selling either low quality mass produced products imported from the Asian continents, or overpriced capitol equipment with little or no service backup and support.

When it comes to mechanical equipment, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that there is always a chance that it will break down at some point in its lifetime. And regardless of its costs this matter will never change, so don't invest your hard earned money on equipment based on wishful sales promises such as the "Best Brand Name" or the "Best Product Design" but instead purchase your equipment based on "Backup Support".

If you run a tyre fitting and repair service the last thing you need is a tyre changer that is broken down and out of action. Your tyre fitting machine is the major piece of equipment and the principal income generator that you can ill afford to have sitting idle, and any extended downtime will have a knock on effect on your businesses funds.

We can also offer all Teco tyre fitting equipment such as a tyre changers, wheel balancers, Vehicle lifts or nitrogen generators in any RAL colour of choice. We have had many customers requesting new tyre changers and wheel balancers in selected colours to either match existing tyre fitting equipment or to tie in with a business colour scheme. In working with our suppliers we have been able to supply many of our clients with their selected tyre changers and wheel balancers in the colours of their choice and is fast becoming the option of choice.