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Service, Repair & Suppliers of Equipment to the Tyre Industry
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E-Quipfix Ltd.

Principal providers of tyre equipment, supplies and services to the tyre fitting and service garage industries.


Customized Colours.


Order in any RAL colour


Teco equipment can be ordered in any RAL colour of choice, allowing image conscious customers to match new equipment with business colour themes.

Service & Repairs


All Major European Brands


We can supply parts, service, repairs and calibration services for most of the main leading tyre fitting equipment manufactures.

Dedicated Showroom


Try Before You Buy.


Come visit our showroom and get "Hands On" with our equipment and get feel for the products before you invest in your business.

Professional Engineers.


Large Engineering Network.

E-Quipfix is quickly becoming the UK's principal provider of quality driven service, repair and supply of motorcyle, car and commercial tyre fitting equipment.

Tech CT10HD - Centech Radial Patch - 65 x 80mm - Box 10
PS15 Truckstar Plus
Small - 40mm to 62mm - Wheel Balance Cone
Tyre Bench Spreader
Air Bag Jack - Selson HBN3 - 3 Bag - Short
Air Bag Jack - Selson HXLO - 2 Bag - Long
PCL Vertex Coupling - Male
UT8327 - 3/4" High Power Impact Wrench - Heavy Duty
Air Bag Jack - Selson HBNXLO - 2 Bag - Short
Vulcanizing Solution Patch Glue - 230ml
Sice Metal Head - Original
Air Bag Jack - Selson HXLO - 3 Bag - Long
Sice Metal Head - Copy
Butler Nylon Head - Original
Tecalemit & Beissbarth Metal Head
Low Profile / Wave Tyre Lever
Teco / Corghi / Megaplan - Nylon Head Insert - Lower
16 cfm Petrol - Piston Air Compressor
NitroCat 1250K - 1/2" Kevlar Xtreme Torque - Composite Impact Wrench
Teco & Corghi Complete Nylon Head Kit
Medium - 54mm to 81mm - Wheel Balance Cone
UT8138 - 1/2" Pistol Impact Wrench - Medium Duty
PS15 Standard
PCL Coned Tailpiece 7.9mm (5/16") & Union Nut 1/4"
Tyre Bead Sealer - 945ml
Carbide Cutter - 6mm
Tecalemit / Biesbarth - Demount Head Sled
Tecalemit / Biesbarth - Nylon Head Insert - Pin Fit
PCL Standard Connector - Female 1/4"
Supertracker STR1LCHC - 4 wheel Laser Tracking System
Equal Tee - 8mm Push Fit Tee Connector
Hydraulic Trolley Jack - Compac BE2TC - 2.0 Ton